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Lebanon solution for registration of new births of displaced persons | Aljoumhouria

لهذه الغاية، أودعت الوزارة في 17 الجاري، وزارة الداخلية والبلديات مذكرة السفارة السورية (تاريخ 2/10/2017) التي تتمنّى بموجبها على السلطات اللبنانية المختصّة، العمل على تسجيل وقوعات الاحوال الشخصية خصوصاً الزواج والولادة، للأشخاص السوريين الذين لا يحملون إقامات قانونية صالحة، تسهيلاً منها لنَيلهم المستندات الثبوتية الشخصية السورية، وبالتالي تسهيل عودتهم الى…

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Il est possible qu’un million de personnes rentrent chez elles en une semaine | L'orient le jour

Mireille Girard, représentante au Liban du Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies pour les réfugiés (HCR), se veut rassurante. « Les réfugiés syriens ne resteront pas au Liban. Avec la fin de la guerre dans leur pays, la majorité des réfugiés rentrera chez elle. Les autres, ceux qui ne veulent plus revenir,…

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Changes to anti-torture law disappoint activists | The Daily Star

Five years after civil society activists and MP Ghassan Moukheiber first drafted a strengthened anti-torture law, the final watered-down legislation published Thursday was met with disappointment from those who helped craft the original draft. “Of course I’m not happy,” Suzanne Jabbour, executive director at the Restart Center for Rehabilitation of…

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Child labor on the rise due to economic situation | The Daily Star

Despite a number of international treaties forbidding child labor, more kids were entering workplaces across Lebanon due to the economic situation of many Lebanese and Syrian families, head of south Lebanon’s chamber of commerce said Thursday. The comments from Mohammad Saleh came during a workshop on combatting child labor in…

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Joint NGO Statement in Support of the UN Human Rights Database on Business Activities related to

Joint NGO Statement in Support of the UN Human Rights Database on Business Activities related to Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory   In December 2017, the Office of the…

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Press Release - Torture in Arsal

Beirut, July 5th 2017 - The CLDH strongly condemns the acts of torture committed by the army during a wave of arrests in Arsal, which would have led to the…

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